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47 Days of Alias | Day 6: Favourite serious line

Jack & Sydney - 2x06 - Salvation

Jack: I spent a decade with this woman and another twenty years analyzing how she could have deceived me for so long. Trust me when I tell you, I am protecting you.
Sydney: No, you’re not. I think you loved Mom so much that when she left you, you lost your soul. You know what else I think? I think the kind of man who’d use his own daughter to frame her mother, who’d test psych experiments when she was six-years-old is the kind of man who looks at his daughter and sees his greatest mistake.
Jack: You can’t honestly believe that.
Sydney: It’s true, isn’t it? If Mom hadn’t fooled you, if you hadn’t been so gullible, I never would have been born.

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47 Days of Alias | Day 7: Favourite funny line

Jack Bristow & Ariana Kane - 2x10 - The Abduction

Kane: With whom have you had intimate contact over the past ten years, Agent Bristow?
Jack: I’m curious to know where you’re going with this.
Kane: More secrets have been revealed through pillow talk than through torture. If there’s a prostitute or a stewardess out there you think may have heard you talking in your sleep, I need to know about it.
Jack: There is one way for you to verify if my nocturnal activities are a security risk, Ms. Kane, but somehow I think we’d both prefer the torture.

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I SpyVictor Garber in Stargate Universe 2.15 Seizure

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          Jack: I know what you’re thinking.

          Irina: Do you?

          Jack: Toaster.

          Irina: *laughs*

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Victor Garber aka Dan Conway
Day 18 @thefoodmovie

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Almost finished with day 20 and the fire alarm goes off.

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